Bible studies to help you understand your faith

12 Bible studies to help you better understand your faith and enable you to share the gospel with others.

Among other things, the Youth Care Deputies of the Reformed Churches in South Africa must provide equipment and aids for the youth. One of the ways is to compile Bible study books. At first these booklets were only available in Afrikaans, but we now also have English books available. The booklets are distributed free of charge from the Admin Bureau in Potchefstroom. These books can be used for a Youth Bible study group, for camps, or for self-study. We are now making these books available online in two versions for anyone to download.

One of the confessions of the church is that Scripture is “clear”. That doesn’t mean that everything found in the Bible is easy to understand, but that the basic message is quite simple.

One part of your faith is sharing it with other people. However, talking about the gospel with others can sometimes be a daunting task, especially if you haven’t done it before. The Bible studies in this book are aimed at equipping you to understand your faith better, and know what to say when you share your faith.

Choose a download between the full color booklet and the black and white booklet. Print it out or use a computer, tablet, or phone to view the pdf.

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